Business Principles

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​Business Program
    Year 1 - Business Communications and Business Accounting
    Year 2 - Business Law and Business Entrepreneurship     

“ A Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business is earned by more graduates than any other subject area. “ U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics.

 “Studies show that 70% of secondary students want to start their own businesses; yet, only about 15% feel that they have the skills and knowledge to do so. Also, it is a well-publicized fact that today's graduates will change CAREERS (not jobs, in the sense of moving to a higher-level position or moving across town to do the same job) at least seven times in their professional job years. This means students need to have the knowledge and skills it takes to become a lifelong learner and to harness the momentum of the business world to their advantage!” Information as cited from the National Standards for Business Education, Copyrighted 1995 by the National Business Education Association.

Business Principles prepares students with the essential knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in business, accounting, entrepreneurship, business communications and business law. Students will develop an understanding of basic and advanced business principles, solve business problems through team work  and gain extensive hands -on experience with Microsoft Office, Peachtree and additional software applications that are used in the workplace.