Health Science

Health Science Technology:
(2-year program requiring admission)


The Health Science (LNA) program includes the basic curriculum for a nursing assistant.  Focused clinical experience in long-term care to obtain competency in all skills required by NH State Board of Nursing. 

Health Science Technology (HST) students involved in this career cluster will also have the opportunity to view and research the many opportunities associated with a career in the Health Sciences. Career strands include but are not limited to: Health Information Technology, Nutrition, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, Optometry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Surgical Technology, Emergency Medical Services, Exercise and Sports Medicine, Holistic Healthcare, Medical Imaging, etc.  The program emphasizes professional behavior in the workplace, ethics, and accountability in the health care fields as per industry expectations/standards. 

 Health Science Technology– with General Health concentration

Year 1 – Health Science Technology I
Year 2 – Health Science Technology II

Health Science Technology–with Medical concentration
Year 1 – Health Science Technology I
Year 2 – Firefighter Academy II (EMT)

Required:  Entrance requirements for Firefighter II and successful completion of Health Science I 
with a grade of 80%.