Career Technical Education Totem Pole

Students create a totem pole for CTE programs
Posted on 02/27/2015
Totem Pole Ceremony

Early this year Mrs. Kontos ceramics class constructed a totem pole to reflect the Career and Technical Education programs offered here at Dover High School and Career Technical Center.

Once completed, the CTE staff was so impressed with the totem pole, they offered to purchase it from the students who constructed it. 

A special thank you goes out to:

  • Mrs. Kontos for supporting her students and encouraging the creation of the CTC totem pole

  • Kayla Granoff for the energy, dedication and foresight it took to see this project through

  • Mr. Goodell who constructed the base of the CTC totem pole

  • And last but certainly not least, the students responsible for the construction.

    • Kailee Bodoh,

    • Meaghan Dow,

    • Samantha Sweeney,

    • Shalee Day,

    • Alex Valenti