CTE Exit Survey

CTE Exit Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out the exit survey below. We are looking to have a better understanding of where our program completers are going after they graduate. Thank you in advance for all you've brought to the Dover Career Technical Center!


*1. Please provide us with your name, address, e-mail, and phone number.

First Name:

Last Name:





Email Address:

Phone number:

*2. Which program did you complete while at Dover? (Select all that apply)

Animal Science

Automotive Repair Technology

Automotive Collision Technology

Biomedical Science


Building Construction Technology

Computer Networking

Computer Programming


Culinary Arts

Electrical Technology

Fire Science Academy

Health Science (LNA)


Naval Science (NJROTC)

Pre-Engineering (PLTW)

3. Did you recieve any professional licenses and/or certifications through the CTE program you were enrolled in? (Check all that apply)



Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

NH State Board of Cosmetology            

 ProBoard FireFighter I       




National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation 



SP/2 On-line Safety 

Microsoft Office Specialist      

 A+ Certification

Other (Please specify):

4. Did you receive college credits from our concurrent enrollment/running start program? (If so, please list the courses taken and credits received from this program)  

*5. Are you currently employed?



6. If you are employed, where are you employed and what is your position with that company?

7. Did you patrticipate in any workplace learning activities? (Check all that apply)

Internship                            Work Experience/COOP

Job Shadow

Other (Please specify)

*8. What are your plans for this fall?

Attend 2 year college

Attend 4 year college

Enter the Military

Start my Career

Other (Please specify)

9. If you are attending college in the fall, did you receive any scholarships? If so, please tell us which scholarships you were awarded and how much that scholarships is worth. (List all below)

10. If you applied to college, which college(s) were you accepted to? (List all below)

11. If you are going to college in the fall, which college will you be attending and what will be your primary course of study or declared major?

*12. If you are entering the Military, which service are you enlisting in?

None, I do not plan on entering the military             Marines

Air Force                                     National Guard

Army                                        Navy

Coast Guard

Other (Please specify)

13. If you are pursuing a career upon graduation, what will you be doing and who will you be working for?

*14. Are you interested in becoming a member of the CTC Alumni Association? 



15. Do you have any other comments/parting words that you would like to share with us? 







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