Business & Industry Tour

Business & Industry Tour:

A business or industry tour provides groups of students or an individual student with a guided walk-through of a facility in order to gain a better understanding of the business/industry. 
ime commitment is approx. 1-2 hrs
 For students grades 9-12; Non-credit bearing 

Industry Tour BT

If you are interested in taking a tour of a business or an industry, fill out the application below.  

Business & Industry Tour Request Form

Business and Industry Tour Request Form


Name of Class or CTE Program (if applicable): 

Are you a:  Student   Teacher   Other 

First Name:    Last Name: 

Grade Level(s):    E-Mail Address:      

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Name of Business or Industry that you are interested in touring:  

Date(s) and Times interested in touring: (please list at least three dates and times for scheduling)

Additional Information:

NOTE: The Career Servies Office will make initial contact with the Business/Industry you request and will help with scheduling the visit/tour however teachers are responsible for filling out all necessary paperwork needed when conducting a field trip.  

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