Job Shadow

Job Shadow Experience:
Grades 10-12 - Certificate of Completion - throughout the school year

A job shadow is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore their careers interests while gaining valuable information pertaining to the world of work.  Through day long observations, students spend time with a mentor, discovering what it is like to work in a particular industry/business.  Please see the Career Services Coordinator for a list of job shadowing opportunities.  
Time commitment is approx. ½ day-1 full day.


If you are interested in conducting a job shadow, please fill out the application below.   

Job Shadow Application

Dover High School and Career Technical Center

Part I: Student Background Information

Student Name:

Student Grade: 

Home Address: 

City:                       Zip: 

Home phone:                Cell:  


         (Check one) After high school graduation:

           I plan to go to college

           I plan to go to a technical school

           I plan to go directly into the work force


Part II: Job Shadow Information:

Please list at least three sites that you are interested in learning more about through a job shadow experience. Include sites contact information if available.



Please list your availability 

REFERENCES: Please list at least two DHS-CTC teachers that would provide you with a general reference

NOTE:  If the job shadow will be conducted during the school day, additional forms will need to be filled out with Career Services. Please follow up with Career Services within the week of submission.





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