Student Recommendation Form

Student Recommendation Form

Work-Based Learning Recommendation Form

1. Students name: 

2. Students Grade Level:  Freshman  Sophmore  Junior  Senior

3. Work-Based Learning Activity student is applying for:  

Job Shadow   Internship   COOP Program   Work Expereince Program


4.Referring Teacher/Counselor:  

5.  Subject/Program of Referring Teacher/Counselor:  


6.  Please rate the student on the following:

Collaboration/Teamwork: Above Average   Average   Needs Improvement  

Growth Mindset:  Above Average  Average   Needs Improvement  

Professionalism:  Above Average   Average   Needs Improvement

Self-Direction:  Above Average   Average   Needs Improvement

Puncutality/Attendance:  Above Average   Average   Needs Improvement

7.  I would: Highly Recommend student  Recommend student  Recommend student with reservations

8.  Please briefly describe why you would recommend this student for this Work-Based Learning opportunity.


9.  How long have you known this student?  

10.  Do you know the student outside of the classroom setting? Yes   No

If yes, please describe: 



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