Work Experience Program


Work Experience Program:

Grades 11-12    

The Work Experience Program is designed to provide students with employability and job seeking skills while earning school credit.  This program helps students apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings while gaining professional experiences that can be placed on a resume. 

NOTE:  Students must successfully complete 120 working hours in order to earn .25 credits (max. .50 credits per year)

Work Experience Program for CTC Students:

Grades 11-12    
The Work Experience Program for CTC Students combines career technical coursework with part-time paid work-experiences that provide additional training in a specific career technical field. Students must be enrolled in an approved career technical program and the work site must relate to the career technical program 
the student is enrolled in.
Note: Students must successfully complete 90 hrs of work to obtain .25 credits (max..50 credits per year)

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If interested in participating in our Work Experience Program, please fill out the application below.

Work Experience Program Application

Dover High School And Career Technical Center 



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Are you currently enrolled in a Career Technical Center Program?   Yes      No 

If so, What program are you enrolled in?   

Do you currently have a job?      Yes    No

If so, Where?   

Do you plan on attending college and/or a technical school?   Yes    No   Unsure

What are you career interest(s)? What are you interested in learning more about?

Area of Interest:

_____ Agriculture, Food & Natural Resource                ______Architecture and Construction

_____Arts, Audio Vision Technology & Communications        ______Business, Mangement & Administration

_____Education & Traning                             ______Finance

_____Government & Public Administration                  ______Health Science

_____Hosptiality & Tourism                             ______Human Service

_____Information Technology                            ______Law, Public Safety & Security 

_____Manufacturing                                  ______Marketing, Sales & Services

_____Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics         ______Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

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